Selected Insurtech/Carrier Case Studies

Insurtech Advisors understands that most of our clients distribute their products through independent agents.  This fact defines the specific types of Insurtech advances that will be most helpful to assess.

We work closely with each carrier partner to identify the most appropriate use cases. We start by identifying a problem or aspiration before looking for a solution. Once these are identified, we introduce our carrier partner to 2 to 3 of the best insurtechs. We help the partner examine the insurtechs to help them launch a proof-of-concept POC test.

Insurtech Advisors Selected Case Studies


Improving Inspections

Working with a regional carrier we were able to introduce policy holder and agent home inspections. This reduced costs, improved customer experience, and shortened the underwriting time.


IoT implementation

Developed a model to estimate ROI. Identified potential IoT vendors and helped develop the POC. Carrier was able to gain senior executive buy-in to launch the IoT pilot. Identified metrics to track and measure success.


Commercial lines digital quote and buy platform

We helped a global re-insurer assess insurtechs offering core system functionality. The identified insurtechs could launch a product in under 3 months. Significantly shorter than working thru traditional and legacy systems.