Insurtech Root's 3Q2020

$152,542: Unpacking Insurtech Root’s 3Q2020 Earnings

Insurtech Root Insurance just held its first earnings call as a publicly-traded company. Investors don’t seem too pleased with the results. The stock was down nearly 10% in after-hours trading (8:15PM). Adding insult to injury, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services today levied civil penalties against Root and Allstate Insurance for canceling policies violating state COVID-19 emergency orders. […]

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A contrary opinion to the impact of insurtech on incumbents

An interesting article on about why predicting legacy insurance carrier demise at the hands of insurtechs is wrong. They posit that these predictions don’t take into account game theory like behavior such as what the incumbent legacy carriers will do. ┬áIn the end, these legacy carriers have significantly larger balance sheets and if they […]

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