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Insurtech Advisor’s individual approach with each Carrier member ensures that you understand the vast changes occurring in the external market — both from an agent and customer perspective as well as from the competitive marketplace of Insurtech startups.

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Please click below to book an initial consultation.  We are happy to learn more about your organization and share with you some of the insights we have from working with other Carriers, Agents, and Insurtechs.

We bring over 20 years of experience from working for and with Insurance Carriers, startups, and Brokers.  You can rest assured that we understand your challenges and aspirations!  We help you assess your strengths and opportunities against the potential benefits of various startups within the Insurtech ecosystem.

We save you time, money, and wasted efforts and help you test and partner with the most appropriate Insurtechs for your organization.

Potential value of Insurtech partnerships on carrier business

We bring value to our Carrier partners through regular briefings and curating the thousands of Insurtech startups whose business model and offering will bring quick value to the Carrier, its employees, policyholders and independent agents.