We connect Insurance Carriers to Insurtechs.  Our aim is to take full advantage of the strengths that Insurance Carriers and early stage Insurtech startups bring to the market and set the stage for a powerful collaboration.

Insurtech Advisors LLC helps carriers stay AHEAD of the class by figuring out which insurtechs bring meaningful value to their own business models and also investing in early stage insurtech startups thru venture capital (VC).

The mission of Insurtech Advisors is to provide our member Carriers with a way to both protect and add innovation into their business models through regular interaction with and strategic investments in early stage Insurtechs. We accomplish this thru a highly targeted venture capital fund which seeks superior investment returns.

The key to our success lies in the ability of the member Carriers to utilize the technologies and products of the partner portfolio companies to help further the growth of its member Carriers. A formal process has been built around creating value with the business models of each member in mind.

We combine complementary insurance companies with shared interests. Each member is also represented on the Advisory Board to provide an inclusive perspective and ensure the highest impact.