We offer:

Curating the Insurtech ecosystem

We know Insurtechs! We introduce you to only relevant Insurtechs, saving you precious time and effort.

Identifying & executing appropriate POCs

As insurance practitioners, we work with you to identify the best areas of your business for appropriate POCs.

Working across business lines

We help you apply Insurtech advances across all lines and functions (Business, Personal, Specialty, Claims, Fraud, SIU, Customer Service, etc.)

Growing your business

We make sure we keep you focused on the reason you are testing out Insurtech advances. We help you grow, retain, and deepen client relations, improve operational efficiencies, and improve the customer experience.

Attention to cultural fit

We know that your culture is unique. We make sure the Insurtechs we introduce can work within your unique corporate personality.

Bringing new ideas to market – fast

We have proven methodologies to bring new ideas to market quickly.

Learn more about Insurtech Advisors and how we can help you:
The mission of Insurtech Advisors is to provide our member Carriers with a way to grow, protect, and add innovation into their business models through regular interaction with and strategic investments in early stage Insurtechs.  Our aim is to take full advantage of the strengths that Insurance Carriers and early stage Insurtech startups bring to the market and set the stage for a powerful collaboration.

The key to our success is the individual approach Insurtech Advisors takes with each member Carrier.  It ensures that each Carrier understands the vast changes occurring in the external market – both from a client and customer perspective as well as from the competitive marketplace of Insurtech startups.

We help you assess your strengths and opportunities against the potential benefits of various startups within the Insurtech ecosystem.  We then provide you with a curated list of Insurtechs specifically targeted to your needs.  We provide the introductions and help you select a few Insurtechs to partner with and execute Proofs of Concepts.

Check out our latest projects
Case Studies

Improving Inspections

Working with a regional carrier we were able to introduce policy holder and agent home inspections. This reduced costs, improved customer experience, and shortened the underwriting time.

IoT implementation

Developed a model to estimate ROI. Identified potential IoT vendors and helped develop the POC. Carrier was able to gain senior executive buy-in to launch the IoT pilot. Identified metrics to track and measure success.

Commercial lines digital quote and buy platform

We helped a global re-insurer assess insurtechs offering core system functionality. The identified insurtechs could launch a product in under 3 months. Significantly shorter than working thru traditional and legacy systems.

Meet the people behind the scene

Dr. Kaenan Hertz

Kaenan is a professional in the areas of blockchain, telematics, wearables, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and insurtech.  He has played a key role in innovating many start-ups and established carriers. He strategically shaped their customer experience and enhanced their business using digital, broker, and traditional contact center channels.

Doug Rose

Doug is a 25 year veteran of the venture capital and start-up world. He has successfully funded and bought over 30 companies across various industries. He is an accomplished CEO who brings a wealth of experience in scaling and building businesses.

Zayn Khan

Zayn is a creative agency leader with diverse experience spanning Europe, North America and Asia as both an agency CEO and a chief strategist. Zayn champions the link between creativity and marketing effectiveness, and as a trained architect he is passionate about the roles innovation and design play in business, brand and culture.

Zayn ensures that we are connected to the vibrant Insurtech ecosystem coming out of Singapore and Asia.

Albert Sung

Before joining Insurtech Advisors, Albert was an Enterprise Risk Services intern at Deloitte in S. Korea, focusing on regulatory risks in the financial services industry as well as certain supply chain initiatives. While at Deloitte, Albert researched and formulated strategies for SOD management, supply chain management and big data initiatives for clients.

Ruhi Gupta

Ruhi is pursuing her MBA at the NYU Stern School of Business with concentrations in Innovation and Finance. Prior to joining Insurtech Advisor’s team, she worked in defense contracting executing projects for the federal government with a focus on the aerospace and defense sector.

James Cummings

James Cummings is an analyst at Insurtech Advisors where he evaluates opportunities for insurance carriers to partner with early-stage technology startups.  Before joining Insurtech Advisors, James worked as an Underwriter at Travelers, focusing on clients and risks in the construction industry. Prior to Travelers, James served as an officer in the U.S. Army, earning the rank of Captain.

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