Insurtech Root's 3Q2020

$152,542: Unpacking Insurtech Root’s 3Q2020 Earnings

Insurtech Root Insurance just held its first earnings call as a publicly-traded company. Investors don’t seem too pleased with the results. The stock was down nearly 10% in after-hours trading (8:15PM). Adding insult to injury, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services today levied civil penalties against Root and Allstate Insurance for canceling policies violating state COVID-19 emergency orders. […]

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Insurtech Root's Customer Experience

Insurtech Root Insurance 2020 IPO Unpacked

The Root of Insurance is Profitable Coverage (Hint: A 63% 1st-year retention rate doesn’t help) Insurtech Root, a mobile-first (only) carrier announced its intent to go public this week.  Their SEC filing can be seen here.  This comes on the heels of their latest funding round in 2019 of $350M at an estimated valuation of […]

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2019: Insurtech in Review

Happy “National Science Fiction Day” to all of you that enjoy reading a great SciFi book or had a chance to see the latest Star Wars entrant.  I hope you had a great holiday season with family and friends.  As I reflect on 2019, I’ve been blessed to work and interact with amazing people like […]

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2019 Anti-harassment and data protection laws: are your agents and policy holders compliant? Does a Carrier have responsibilities?

Over the past few years, politicians have become increasingly involved in legislation to protect consumers and employees.  As a result of the #MeToo movement, 7 states have enacted regulations requiring private companies to provide anti-harassment training to their employees, and this is in addition to stricter laws protecting individuals and employees.  These regulations can apply […]

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Chatbots: Insurtech vs Big Tech

Insurtech funding thru Q3 2019 has hit record levels totaling about $4.4B (approximately 60% being P&C and 40% L&H).  Surprisingly, little funding attention has been made to the “Chatbot.”  Even though the simple chatbot provides immediate benefits to customers, agents, and employees. According to an analysis of Coverager data, there have been 5 Insurtechs funded […]

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